Major WordBoost update live!

WordBoost's most recent update is now live! WordBoost now has a totally revamped duel mode, allowing users to challenge other players across the world online. WordBoost also now boasts a new level system and trophies for various achievements! The app also now has its own unique theme song, with some other added sound effects.

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July Text Champions!

Here are the Top 25 Globally Ranked WordBoost Players: 1. Wagyx - (Ghana) - 128.76 2. wordboostCEO - (USA) - 98.04 3. chi9 - (USA) - 88.50 4. nunya - (no location) - 75.00 5. JerBear2327 - (no locatio

WordBoost live on Google Play Store!

The final beta testing round has come to a close. WordBoost for Android is now live on the Google Play Store. Check it out here!