WordBoost Frequently Asked Questions


How is my text speed in Words/Minute calculated fairly?

All game modes use five random five-letter words and time how long it takes for the user to complete the words (words cannot be submitted with typos).

Why is WordBoost not letting me submit my text?

All game modes require each word to be spelled correctly with a space in between each word in order to be valid and submitted.


Why are the words given for me to text just random words instead of real sentences?

Random words ensure fairness in the sense that no one can keep track of sentences to cheat the game. Also, random words make the game calculate pure text speed instead of thinking speed which makes the game much more difficult.

Why does WordBoost require my email?

WordBoost accounts require email to ensure the user is an actual person and to prevent the same user from spamming the leaderboard with many accounts. Furthermore, emails will be verified for prize winnings as well as the "forgot password" function that will be added soon.

Why does WordBoost need access to my location and notifications?

If you would like to be ranked on the national or state leaderboards, WordBoost requires your location to know what country/state you are in. If you do not provide your location, your score will still show up on the global rankings leaderboard but it will not show your country. 

Notifications are required if you want to use the Duel mode. If a friend challenges you to a duel, you will need your WordBoost notifications on in order to receive the duel request.

I played a ranked game but my scores are not showing up on the rankings leaderboard.

Check to make sure you are allowing WordBoost to access your location so that the app knows what leaderboard you fall under. If you do not allow WordBoost to use your location, your score will only appear in the global rankings but will not show your country. If you are allowing WordBoost to access your location but still are not seeing your score, your score may not be high enough to appear on the rankings. Feel free to contact us with any questions.

I am not receiving challenges to a Duel even though my friend sent the request.

Check to make sure you are allowing WordBoost to send you notifications. If you have WordBoost notifications blocked, you will not be able to receive Duel requests.

Why is only one of my scores showing up on the rankings page?

Only your Personal Record score is ranked on the leaderboard​. This is the same for all users. Improve your personal record to improve your rank!

How do I win prizes?

The Top 100 Globally Ranked players each month can receive a free music download​ if they like the WordBoost Facebook page or follow the WordBoost Twitter page and submit a screenshot of their ranking to the page. On the first of each month, the top 100 rankings are posted to our Champions Blog as well as Facebook and Twitter.


I have an idea for a new game mode, can I submit a suggestion?

Yes, we would love to hear your ideas! We are always open to suggestions for new game modes or updates to WordBoost! If you have a suggestion for a future version of WordBoost please contact us using our contact page. Also, WordBoost is still brand new so if you find any bugs or issues with the application please contact us and let us know.










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